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The pinnacle of in-ear monitor technology, Fourté takes full advantage of everything we´ve learned up to this point in designing world-class in-ear monitors. Fourté boasts the most accurate sound and widest soundstage of any in-ear monitor, making it the perfect choice for audiophiles seeking detailed, lifelike audio, and three-dimensional sound.

Fourté features our complete, three-part tia™ system housed in an ergonomic shell, machined from a solid piece of aluminum and finished with elegant, copper patina faceplates.



Driver Type/Count: 3 precision BA drivers, 1 dynamic driver

Driver Configuration: 1 tia high, 1 high-mid, 1 tia mid, 1 dynamic low

Frequency Response: 5Hz – 22KHz

Sensitivity: 114db @1kHZ @1mw

Impedance: 10 Ω @ 1kHz

Crossover: Integrated 4-way passive crossover

Isolation: -20dB internal apex technology