IEM Vac Pro

PrisNOK5 500,00 inkl. mva.


Cleaning IEMs can be tough since earwax, dirt, and other objects can get lodged deep inside the small tubing and bores of the earpiece. Instead of spending time and money shipping your ears back to the factory for a cleaning, you can get a thorough deep clean quickly with Fir Audio’s IEM Vac PRO. This is the larger of two IEM vacuum cleaners that we offer making it perfect for maintaining more than one set of ears. This is a must have tool for monitor mix engineers who need to maintain multiple sets of ears each and every night. The IEM Vac PRO has a durable cast aluminum construction and powerful vacuum motor which make it rugged and ideal for continuous use. New and improved power button and stainless steel hose connector. An optional Hard Case is included.




  • IEM Vac PRO
  • Detachable Air Hose
  • 12v Power Adaptor
  • Accessory Tips
  • 2 Replacement Filters
  • User Manual
  • Hardcase




  • Flow Rating: 18 Lpm